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Sarah Tolle

I'm on a mission to use music to create more healing, harmony, and happiness in the world.

Sarah Tolle is an independent singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, BC, whose warm, energetic music is an exploration in radiant self-expression and a loving invitation to sing and dance. Sarah had a fierce kickstart to her career upon discovering her knack for songwriting as a 30-year-old in 2021, when she taught herself banjo and began self-releasing a series of singles which have earned 300K+ streams. Her artistic style is marked by a genre-bending, eclectic spirit. Her songs are infused with a sense of openness and authenticity; her work is simple and accessible, yet fiercely catchy. You'll hear themes of encouragement, tolerance, and peace in compositions that blend house beats, sweeping orchestral sounds, and old time banjo folk. Sarah’s mission with music is to revitalize and heal; to help people love themselves and coexist in peace.

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