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I'm Sarah Tolle.

Art is my weapon of mass transformation.

I'm the champion of looking weird and doing it anyway. I rented a banjo from the library during COVID, learned 3 chords, recorded it on my laptop at home, and sent it to an award-winning producer who had no business saying "yes" to working with little ole' me.

But here we are:

It's only up and out from here!

I'm living, breathing proof that you don't need to be an expert—heck, you don't even have to be "good"—to be a happily creative human being.

All of us beautiful people, we are born to be artists. To make meaning of our experience, to tell stories, and make things.

I'm here to be a catalyst for YOU to bring out your inner artist and connect to that universal intuition that has been guiding us since ancient times:

"Play. Make things. Create music. Make noise. Be wild. Have fun."

My art is an expression of the world I envision for us, a world where people feel connected, alive, liberated and joyful!

And I wholeheartedly invite you along for the ride!

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